wolverine fisting you when suddenly

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'Hellboy and Nightcrawler - Demonic Paranormal Investigation Team' Commissioned by T. Torres (C) 2014. 


Uncanny X-Men #137 recreation by Fabio Moon

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DAZZLER PIN-UP By Rurik Tyler (1992)

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junkeeb asked:
Hello Mr. Anka, I just wanted to say your art is amazing. I love everything and always look forward to your previews. My fave hero is Rogue and I haven't found a pic of her from you. Have you ever drawn her? Any plans to? :-) Anyway, just wanted to say I am a huge fan! Thanks!


i got a few drawings of her lying around

9 moments of Deadpool in Avengers Disk Wars, episode 27

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Art from Uncanny X-Men #331 (1996) by Bryan Hitch (pencils), Paul Neary (inks) and Steve Buccellato (colors).

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young avengers legacies & their namesakes/predecessors

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