X-Men Days of Future Past (2014)

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Esad Ribic is a master of using lighting and perspective.

My favorite one is the first image. He only fully rendered a few parts of Thor’s left arm, Mjolnir, his mouth, and his nose. The rest is just suggested by the crosshatched shading.

I look at Esad’s work and I see a lot of echoes from the great illustrators of the Turn of the Century (1900-1901) and the Golden Age of Comics.

This guy is GOOD. I found these convention sketches on:
Yeah. These are sketches. Not fully finished works.
Like a said, he’s good.

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Amazing X-Men #1

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It’s all very magically technical, so just trust me.  Besides, I can fly.

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Sometimes anger can help you survive. 

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all new x men # 30 (2012).

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"The Cuckoo finds a songbird’s nest. And lays her eggs in the middle of the brood. And the stupid little warbler never notices the difference. Until it’s far too late." ۞ ~

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